Vision: Our community operates following the principle of ‘Sustainability First.’

Mission: From the perspective of the real estate industry, incorporate impactful sustainability measures into the community with unprecedented momentum.

Commitment at a National Level

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) provides leadership and strategies for sustainability that benefit members, associations, and communities.
The creation of NAR’s Sustainability Program in 2017 began a surge of member interest and support. The Sustainability Program introduced corporate social responsibility and triple bottom line concepts into NAR’s decision-making practices, balancing economic, environmental, and social benefits.
For the past two years, REALTORS® have driven major initiatives that reduce the association's operational impact, engage our membership at local, state, and national levels to adopt sustainability conversations and committees, hosted annual Sustainability Summits to continue the progress of sustainability initiatives around the industry, conducted the annual REALTORS® & Sustainability report to gauge the nature of sustainability in real estate, and adopted a set of 15 Sustainability Strategic Priorities to integrate sustainability throughout the association. Overall, the association aims to increase awareness about sustainability for REALTORS® around the country, showing the business case for sustainability at the association and brokerage level, and highlighting the business opportunity for agents who better understand home performance, valuation, and sustainable development. NAR plans to continue building awareness and creating a culture of sustainability for the association and its members.

Through NAR's Green Designation, the Green REsource Council provides ongoing education, resources and tools to help real estate practitioners find, understand, and market properties with green features.

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NAR's Annual ESG+R Sustainability Report

The annual Environmental, Social, Governance, and Resilience (ESG+R) Report includes a comprehensive look at the major accomplishments and noteworthy sustainability activities for NAR in 2021. These accomplishments are outlined in four major areas based on the NAR Sustainability and Resilience Plan.

These four areas are considered NAR’s Four Pillars of Sustainability and Resilience Plan:

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance
  • Resilience

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Resources for Michigan Property Owners

Aspire North is committed to providing clients with the latest sustainability resources that keep the environment and wallets healthy!

  • Energy Saving Programs
  • Area Recycling Programs
  • Sewer and Septic System Information

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